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The aim of the film was to analyze the transition to action, the shift to it. There is a protagonist who didn’t plan it, but he gets to it… I liked the fact of having an underground place that would represent the descent of the main character to the entrails of the father.Patricia Mazuy*


Inheritance is destiny in SATURN BOWLING, Mazuy’s pitch-black noir and a feature highlight of this year’s Locarno Film Festival in Los Angeles. Centered around the denizens of an underground bowling alley—a legacy that passes from patriarch to son, from son to half-brother—Mazuy presents an ethical and highly cinematic investigation of the fate of twenty-first-century man: solitary, abject, and ultraviolent.

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Directed by Patricia Mazuy

Locarno Film Festival in Los Angeles

Friday, March 17, at 8 pm

2220 Arts + Archives

2220 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles


*Patricia Mazuy, interview by Teresa Vena, Cineuropa, August 16, 2022.



Patricia Mazuy, Saturn Bowling / Bowling Saturne (2022), from top: Achille Reggiani (left) and Arieh Worthalter; Saturn Bowling poster; Reggiani.

Saturn Bowling images courtesy and © Totem Films and Dark Star Pictures.