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The literary work of Constance Debré is both complex and precise. Her early novels (“Playboy,” “Love Me Tender,” and “Nom”)—contemporary stories written in the first person in which characters defy gender and class norms in an outdated society—blur the lines

A major event on the autumn dance calendar: The L.A. Dance Project premiere of an evening-length work by the company’s artists-in-residence Bobbi Jene Smith and Or Schraiber. The Batsheva alumni present THE MISSING MOUNTAIN, an evolutionary dance that draws from

What do we see when we look into Franz Rogowski’s eyes, when we watch him watching? A desired presence, a short fuse of insolence, a shortcut to transgression—the double-edged trap of audience expectations are high whenever he appears on the

WAR PONY—directed by Gina Gammell and Riley Keough—narrates its themes of generational trauma and the dementia of modern life through the electrifying lens of a crime saga. Set in South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation among members of the Oglala Lakota tribe,

Presented by filmmaker Telémachos Alexiou, O1-B CALIFORNIA: A JOURNEY OF ARTISTIC MIGRATION is an extraordinary collection of unique NFTs, a re-imagining of his pursuit of an artist visa and his ultimate relocation from Europe to the vibrant city of Los

Directed by Felix van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch, THE EIGHT MOUNTAINS provokes perhaps an unusual amount of introspection in the viewer, during and after the film. Such is our investment in this portrayal of the lives of two dedicated friends

On the strength of her first two features—Ava (2017) and now The Five Devils—Mysius has established herself as a filmmaker of vivid intoxications, uncanny scenes of mystery, discovery, and beauty. Her latest work centers around a young girl named Vicky

In Atlanta, join Defend the Atlanta Forest, Rising Tide North America, the Climate Justice Alliance, and thousands of activists from March 4 through 11 for a series of rallies, actions, protests, community events, teach-ins, and a music festival—part of the

Celebrate the opening of HELEN CAMMOCK: I WILL KEEP MY SOUL—the artist’s inaugural museum exhibition in the United States—with a musical performance by Cammock and Roshanak Kheshti at Art + Practice. A multimedia installation—incorporating performance, poetry, a print series, and

“Regeneration”—in the 1923 silent “race” film that shares its title—is an imaginary island of castaways who have discovered a treasure chest on its beachfront. As a concept, regeneration—which suggests both a renewal of potentialities as well as a return—also informs