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As part of ICA LA’s Triple Catalogue Launch Party, join artist-curator Anna Sew Hoy to celebrate the publication of the SCRATCHING AT THE MOON exhibition catalogue, an inside look at this landmark show. The first group exhibition of Asian American

Since the beginning of his career, Cédric Rivrain has used the portrait as his principal subject of study whether he creates portraits of friends, family, or imaginary people. In that sense Rivrain’s artistic practice is very much anchored in the

Posting up at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and the Santa Monica Airport, the Felix Art Fair and Frieze Los Angeles return this week with their peerless combination of art world heft and West Coast vibes. And already L.A. Art Week events

On Saturday, January 27, the exhibition “Sara Sachs: Public Skin” opens to the public at Gallery Sade Los Angeles. On this occasion, the artist presents a series of photographs that originated in her book “Blonde Lagoon,” published by DoPe Press

The films of Alice Rohrwacher bring you outside and keep you there, contemplating the land and its hapless interlopers that constitute the tragicomedies around which she’s made her name. The rural beauty of Italy—its histories and its ongoing despoilment—again takes

Swooning under the possibilities inherent in poetic thought transformed by performance as a means of projection into other worlds, other lives—“literature-sickness,” in the words of one character—the voices in the film ORLANDO: MY POLITICAL BIOGRAPHY release the Woolf classic from

“Boney Manilli,” Edgar Arceneaux’s dark comedy with music, was inspired by the tragic story of Milli Vanilli. The play’s main character, Edgar (Alex Barlas), is an artist tormented by self-doubt, frustration, and the unbearable feeling that he is an imposter.

This weekend, join Durk Dehner, the Tom of Finland Foundation, and the foundation’s summer 2023 artist-in-residence Felix d’Eon for the TOM OF FINLAND ART & CULTURE FESTIVAL 2023. The event in downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District includes exhibitions, installations, panel

“A musician inspired by a painter who loves a dancer and what moves a dancer? Music! THE GHOST OF TED DRAGON shows this cycle of creativity with the stage as its playground.” — Mark Golamco

Throbbing with body horror and not shy of humor and sensuality, 2300 SHE—an ongoing project that explores our imperial wasteland destiny—is a dance and multimedia critique of cis feminism within the cannibalizing American office cubicle. The American drive to expand