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Utilizing clay, caulk, oil, and ash on canvas—as well as bronze in her sculpting practice—Gianna Dispenza presents several series of new work at Charles Moffett in lower Manhattan. Inspired by the Hampstead Heath Ladies Pond in London, works such as Summer,

They both liked fancy motorcars, and when they fell for women they really fell hard. It wasn't a question of “machismo,” rather one of unmitigated passion, mixed with old-fashioned, swash- buckling adoration and awe. These were the kind of people

On the occasion of Frieze New York 2021—May 5 through May 9—Tiona Nekkia McClodden presents a fundraising edition in support of Printed Matter / St Marks. The work is a screenprint of McClodden’s piece A.B. 2 BLANK, 2019, a restored leather

Artist and performance poet John Giorno was a blazing cultural catalyst in New York from the 1960s until his death in 2019. Star of Sleep (1963), a key early film by Andy Warhol—Giorno's lover at the time—and co-producer of The

I am a mostly self-taught photographer. My photography has always provided me with an opportunity to open myself up and see the world around me. And most of all, photography makes me look within. — Laura Aguilar SHOW AND TELL—the touring

It perplexes me that, technically, all drawn imagery is frozen in the moment and held still in its two-dimensionality. But that doesn't feel accurate at all. I've entered the paper like it was a pool. I've swam in it. The