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Celebrate the opening of HELEN CAMMOCK: I WILL KEEP MY SOUL—the artist’s inaugural museum exhibition in the United States—with a musical performance by Cammock and Roshanak Kheshti at Art + Practice. A multimedia installation—incorporating performance, poetry, a print series, and

These photographs—believed lost but discovered in a dusty crate locked away for two decades from the damaging effects of light—enter our current image-world like a breath of fresh air. They originate at the tail end of human analog time circa

Join Rebecca Morris and ICA LA’s Asuka Hisa for a personal tour of the exhibition REBECCA MORRIS — 2001–2022. A reception with light refreshments and bites will follow the closing-weekend walkthrough.

A panel discussion and reception will kick off the exhibition TOM OF FINLAND: HIGHWAY PATROL, GREASY RIDER. AND OTHER SELECTED WORKS at David Kordansky Gallery in New York. Join Nayland Blake, Claire Gilman, Brontez Purnell, and Durk Dehner—keeper of the

At Lafayette Anticipations, to mark the last days of Cyprien Gaillard’s bifurcated exhibition HUMPTY / DUMPTY—also at Palais de Tokyo—theorist Jack Halberstam will present a talk on the aesthetic of collapse and the politics of deconstruction. And to close out

Mounting predatory Pac-Man mouth/heads atop metal stands swaddled in black velvet and topped with a red bow, Liz Craft presents MS. AMERICA, a silent-scream insurrection, ripe for subjective ventriloquization.

Although the art writer and professor Richard Shiff didn't meet Jack Whitten until 2014—three years before the artist's death—the personal encounter proved critical to both Shiff’s practice and our understanding of Whitten's work. Over the past decade, with imaginative lucidity

“Regeneration”—in the 1923 silent “race” film that shares its title—is an imaginary island of castaways who have discovered a treasure chest on its beachfront. As a concept, regeneration—which suggests both a renewal of potentialities as well as a return—also informs

A retrospective selection of the work of Uta Barth—ranging from her student experimentations to her new commission celebrating the Getty Center’s twentieth anniversary—is now on view in Brentwood. In early December, Russell Ferguson and Jan Tumlir will participate in a

The Institute of Contemporary Art exhibition “My Barbarian” is a three-channel video installation of a two-hour compilation of new edits of its performance work and archive, much of it previously unseen. The single gallery presentation also includes sculptures, paintings, drawings,