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As part of its forthcoming Béla Tarr retrospective, the American Cinematheque presents the new 4K restoration of his late period masterpiece WERCKMEISTER HARMONIES. The filmmaker—on a rare visit to California—will introduce a members-only screening in Santa Monica, followed by a

In 2017, the childhood home of Nina Simone—a three-room structure in Tryon, North Carolina—was jointly purchased by Adam Pendleton and fellow artists Ellen Gallagher, Rashid Johnson, and Julie Mehretu. Since then, the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund has been

Directed by Felix van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch, THE EIGHT MOUNTAINS provokes perhaps an unusual amount of introspection in the viewer, during and after the film. Such is our investment in this portrayal of the lives of two dedicated friends

In SHOWING UP, Kelly Reichardt’s immersive, enchanting consideration of life among a circle of Portland artists, Lizzy (Michelle Williams) and Jo (Hong Chau) sustain a very casual sense of everyday competitiveness. Lizzy is working on a show with a deadline

On the strength of her first two features—Ava (2017) and now The Five Devils—Mysius has established herself as a filmmaker of vivid intoxications, uncanny scenes of mystery, discovery, and beauty. Her latest work centers around a young girl named Vicky

Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne are in town to present their new film TORI AND LOKITA and to introduce and discuss the opening selections in the American Cinematheque’s complete retrospective BROTHERS WITH A MOVIE CAMERA: THE CINEMA OF JEAN-PIERRE AND

Celebrating Jennifer West’s recently published MEDIA ARCHAEOLOGY, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles presents an evening reading with the artist, joined by the book’s editors and contributors Andy Campbell, Chelsea Weathers, and Norman Klein. In addition, performances by

Inheritance is destiny in SATURN BOWLING, Mazuy’s pitch-black noir and a feature highlight of this year’s Locarno Film Festival in Los Angeles. Centered around the denizens of an underground bowling alley—a legacy that passes from patriarch to son, from son

The Hammer Museum and UCLA Film & Television Archive present CAULEEN SMITH — IN SPACE, IN TIME, a series of artist screenings kicked off by a performance of Black Utopia LP. Among Smith’s short films, the programs include screenings of

CLOSE, Lukas Dhont’s deeply felt new feature, portrays the fraught passage from childhood to adolescence—from an age of blind trust to one of knowledge and suspicion—as lived by best friends Léo and Rémi. Fresh from a summer spent investigating the