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WHAT ABOUT CHINA?—the new film by Trinh T. Minh-ha, which draws from footage the artist shot in the early 1990s—is screening in Berlin at HKW and in New York at the Whitney.. In its meditation of the great migration to

To mark the 4K restoration of Ayoka Chenzira’s ALMA’S RAINBOW, join lead actor Victoria Gabrielle Platt for a post-screening conversation in Santa Monica.

This weekend, Krzysztof Kieślowski’s THREE COLORS TRILOGY opens in Santa Monica with an American Cinematheque triple feature of the 4K restorations. Adapting the post-revolutionary values attached to the colors of the French flag—liberté (blue), égalité (white), fraternité (red)—through the lens

This weekend, Brain Dead Studios presents a rare Los Angeles screening of Christopher Petit’s debut feature RADIO ON, produced by Wim Wenders. A 1979 musical road trip from London to Bristol, RADIO ON frames its story of a brother (David

An essential missing link in cinema’s buddy-film genre, BY HOOK OR BY CROOK, in the words of co-writer/co-director Silas Howard, started out as a “a gritty, bad-cop action movie. The script was fun, but in the end lacked soul. [Harry

For the closing night of the UCLA Film & Television Archive program Second Sight: A Collection of New International Restorations, Penny Allen will present a free screening of her two early features PROPERTY and PAYDIRT, followed by a conversation with

Celebrate the opening of the Getty Center exhibition WORKING TOGETHER: THE PHOTOGRAPHERS OF THE KAMOINGE WORKSHOP with morning and afternoon talks with members of the group—including Anthony Barboza, James Mannas, Jr., Herb Robinson, Adger Cowans, Herbert Randall, and Ming Smith.

On the eve of its fiftieth anniversary season in Seattle, the Pacific Northwest Ballet makes a rare visit to Los Angeles, touring with a repertoire of three contemporary classics and the Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra. LITTLE MORTAL JUMP (2012), by

The only feature film made by Sara Gómez (1942–1974), DE CEIRTA MANERA looks at love and revolution during the early 1970s, a period of stricter-than-usual artistic censorship in Cuba. This month, the UCLA Film & Television Archive presents the Los

As part of the Los Angeles engagements of their new film NEPTUNE FROST, Saul Williams and Anisia Uzeyman will participate in a Q & A in Los Feliz this weekend. A musical, anti-colonialist dreamscape traversed by an intersex runaway, NEPTUNE