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For George Balanchine, the American ballet world was a blank slate. Arriving in New York in 1933 at the behest of patron Lincoln Kirstein—co-founder, with Balanchine, of the School of American Ballet (1934) and the New York City Ballet (1948)—the choreographer

Dropping like a Hammer Film Production from the 1970s or an errant episode of Dark Shadows, Bruce LaBruce’s new SAINT-NARCISSE takes the titular myth to its queer conclusion when long lost twin brothers Dominic and Daniel—the former a leather-clad biker,

As part of Baryshnikov Arts Center’s September programming, stream IN CONVERSATION WITH MERCE through the end of the month. The presentation includes a restaging of Merce Cunningham’s LANDROVER (1972) as well as the world premieres of two works created in

THE NOWHERE INN—a meta-documentary devised by Annie Clark and Carrie Brownstein—finds the close friends on tour, Clark as herself and her musical persona St. Vincent and Brownstein as a film director looking for the story, any story, behind the songs. As

NADIA YALA KISUKIDI is impressive in her public interventions—bossy in the positive sense of the word—affirmed, composed, and dynamic. She’s an expert of postcolonial studies, a fan of metal, and sometime posts videos on Instagram playing acoustic guitar. She is

In WORKING GIRLS, I basically ask, What is worse, forty hours a week in some boring office job, or eight hours in a brothel? It depends on what you can handle. Some people can’t deal with it, but is renting

I think that there is a miracle in WANDA. Usually there is a distance between the visual representation and the text, as well as the subject and the action. Here this distance is completely nullified; there is an instant and

On the occasion of the publication of her highly anticipated new book of essays ON FREEDOM—FOUR SONGS OF CARE AND CONSTRAINT, poet and critic Nelson will participate in a series of virtual readings and conversations.

Dash Snow was a beloved Manhattan figure of pure recklessness among a close group of friends whose attitudes and actions formed a necessary counter to an art world mired in slickness and a city transformed by irrepressible gentrification. A tagger

It's a fictional film with a plot and it's not abstract, but it does have an intention of not saying everything so as not to be so oppressive. [I] try to leave space and room and a mystery in the