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Reviews – Paris-LA

REBEL DYKES is a terrific documentary about the large cohort of pre-Riot Grrrl BDSM lesbians who carved out spaces of action, creativity, and pleasure in Great Britain in the 1980s and ’90s. Interviews, vintage footage and photographs, and innovative animation take

BOY MEETS BOY—an ambulatory, Gen Z My Dinner with Andre on 2C–B and cheap sparkling wine—unwinds over the course of a long summer’s day in Berlin. Two beautiful boys—Johannes, a native, and Harry, a tourist from London—cross paths on a

Updating Alfred Döblin’s Weimar epic BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ to the Merkel era was a wise choice, allowing director Burhan Qurbani to show the lives of Germany’s newest immigrants—some of whom find their only viable means of support in criminality—and their desperate

It's almost fitting that About Endlessness, the sixth feature film by Roy Andersson, never made its big screen release last year. For the American audience, its pale, lab rat inhabitants remained trapped within their mesmerizing dioramas on the viewer’s computer

Johnny "Guitar" Logan (Sterling Hayden): Don't go away. Vienna (Joan Crawford): I haven't moved. Johnny: Tell me something nice. Vienna: Sure. What do you want to hear? Johnny: Lie to me. Tell me all these years you’ve waited. Tell me. Vienna: “All these years I’ve waited.” Johnny: