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Reviews – Paris-LA

A rich vein of American drama flows through the country’s executive suites. Real estate, show business, high finance, sports business—the art of narrative has been well-served by those playwrights who obsess over capital’s omnivorous flows, the prizes and depredations therein.

Matthew Lopez’s THE LEGEND OF GEORGIA McBRIDE is an affectionate look at a group of struggling performers who have washed up in a Florida panhandle roadhouse. Casey (Taubert Nadalini) has just lost his gig as an Elvis impersonator when in walks

HAPPENING—directed by Diwan—is a masterpiece of period reconstruction and a forecast of a dark new age to come. A ticking-time-bomb thriller set in the early 1960s, when abortion was still illegal in France, the film’s unswerving focus is Anne (Anamaria

As the 2022 theater season progresses and the post-pandemic audience emerges to frequent old haunts, a sense of community—onstage and off—is happily reborn at the Ahmanson with the long-awaited production of HADESTOWN, Anaïs Mitchell’s raucous remix of several mythological tales

Fifteen years after Nora left her husband and children and exited her home for parts unknown, she has cause to return to the house of a marriage she assumed had ended long ago. Except—thanks to her husband Torvald's spite, lassitude,

IN OUR DAUGHTER'S EYES—the new opera composed by Du Yun with a libretto by Michael Joseph McQuilken—states its intentions from the start: “I have decided to become the protector of your story, of who we were before you.” Moving restlessly

POPPY FIELD is a policier that examines the temperament and stability of its own protagonist (Cristi, played by Conrad Mericoffer), a young, deeply closeted officer on the Bucharest force. Greeting his long-distance lover—Radouan Leflahi as Hadi, a flight attendant in town

If the sonic afterlife of a woman's lived experience could be contained in one ominous sound—the backfire of an escaped spirit?—what would it sound like? In Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s MEMORIA, Jessica (Tilda Swinton), attempting to make sense of the reverberating thud

MEDIUM COOL—a highlight of the Haskell Wexler Centenary at the USC School of Cinematic Arts—takes place in 1968, a year marked by the assassinations of Dr. King and Bobby Kennedy as well as the ongoing escalation of the Vietnam War.

Addressing themes of moral relativity, careerism, and the limits of free speech and tolerance, Paul Grellong’s somewhat schematic yet entertaining POWER OF SAIL—now at the Geffen Playhouse—stars Bryan Cranston as Charles Nichols. A Harvard professor, circa late 2019, he's finalizing