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On the occasion of the publication of her highly anticipated new book of essays ON FREEDOM—FOUR SONGS OF CARE AND CONSTRAINT, poet and critic Nelson will participate in a series of virtual readings and conversations.

NS (formerly known as Native Strategies), the performance art journal of Los Angeles, is a six-volume archive of performance art production in L.A. from 2011 to 2016. At the start NS was created to bring artists together at live performance

On the occasion of the exhibition KANDIS WILLIAMS—THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO EXCLUDE: REFLECTIONS ON AND IMPLICATIONS OF CHERYL HARRIS’ WHITENESS AS PROPERTY, LAXART presents a conversation with Harris—professor at the UCLA School of Law—on the right-wing backlash against critical race

Ichikawa frequently courted controversy in his career, [but the] film that incited the most controversy, however, turned out to be the comparatively “innocent” and potentially uplifting official documentary of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. A rare documentary in Ichikawa's filmography, and

On the occasion of the publication of Jeanetta Rich’s BLACK VENUS FLY TRAP, join Rich and Cyrus Simonoff in conversation.

When we think about something like Black radicalism—and its historical unfolding and in its varieties—even as women sustain, nurture, envision, and engender those movements, they fall out of the official writing of it, or they’re never the representative figure. And

Drawing again from a rich autobiographical source, Édouard Louis’ adaptation and performance of his text QUI A TUÉ MON PÈRE (WHO KILLED MY FATHER?) is “an attempt to understand the social and political forces which shape and transform the lives

Tennessee Williams and Truman Capote were deeply connected and had many things in common, but a mutual, sustaining friendship—in the warm, loyal, supportive sense—may not have been among them. “Frenemies” avant la lettre, they amused and antagonized one another across

Celebrate Thuso Mbedu’s searing portrayal of Cora Randall in THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD—Barry Jenkins’ bracing television series based on Colson Whitehead’s novel—with a discussion by the creative principals on bringing Cora to life.

On the occasion of the Hammer Museum biennial Made in L.A.—a version, artist, designer, and Semiotext(e) editor Hedi El Kholti will join author Abdellah Taïa for an online reading of their works, followed by “a discussion of their shared experiences