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“Regeneration”—in the 1923 silent “race” film that shares its title—is an imaginary island of castaways who have discovered a treasure chest on its beachfront. As a concept, regeneration—which suggests both a renewal of potentialities as well as a return—also informs

This month, bringing a focus to the paintings and writings of Joe Brainard, the John Giorno Foundation presents a talk with critic John Yau on the occasion of his new book “Joe Brainard: The Art of the Personal.” Next week,

Casting is everything, and for this latest version of D. H. Lawrence’s LADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER, one cannot imagine two better choices to play Lady Constance Chatterley and her gamekeeper lover Mellors than Emma Corrin and Jack O’Connell. Directed by Clermont-Tonnerre—the

The Institute of Contemporary Art exhibition “My Barbarian” is a three-channel video installation of a two-hour compilation of new edits of its performance work and archive, much if it previously unseen. The single gallery presentation also includes sculptures, paintings, drawings,

DoPe Press is delighted to present “Oscar Tuazon Water School” as part of Acid-Free / Video Catalogue in Vancouver—a video installation and market highlighting recent publications by Los Angeles and Vancouver art book publishers, organized in collaboration with Vancouver Art Book Fair

Given the biases and elisions of memory, perhaps it's just as well that Philippe Besson’s almost-memoir “Arrête avec tes mensonges” carries the description "novel" on its cover. Published in English as “Lie With Me”—three words that add an extra layer

This weekend, join Betony Vernon at the “Paradise Found” book launch in the garden courtyard of Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles.

Her landmark performance work—solo and group—her films and kinetic assemblages, her paintings and multimedia installations. In a series of gallery exhibitions and public programs, screenings, and events, CAROLEE SCHNEEMANN—BODY POLITIC brings it all together at the Barbican, her first major

For the long-awaited opening of the exhibition JOAN JONAS at Haus der Kunst—originally scheduled for 2018—the artist will present performances of Mirror Piece I & II (1969/2018). And in November, the museum will host the European premiere of Jonas’ new Out

In middle age, Highsmith allowed herself to be interviewed on a number of television programs and filmed for several documentaries, typing and smoking at her desk, walking and smoking on the grounds of her rural hideaways in France and Switzerland—a