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I started my label Post Present Medium in 2001 and put out a pretty decent stream of records until 2014, when I decided I needed a little break. It felt well-needed at the time. I first met Behavior in 2017 when

I went to art school to be a painter, but was too intimidated by having to live with what I thought was the intellectual rigor of an artist, so I became a fashion designer instead. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve

Even among the few truly original creative designers in the pantheon of fashion, Rei Kawakubo stands out as sui generis—something the world came to see in the 2017 exhibition Rei Kawakubo / Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between at

The exchange of energy between the art of Barbara Kruger and its audience comes in blasts of text and photos (usually rendered in black, white, and red), followed by the viewers immediate consideration of whatever conditions of power abuse, social callousness, or blinkered vanity her

Frances Stark is a writer, a professor, a mentor, a mother, a motorcycle land-speed record-holder—a true Angeleno artist. Her recent work addresses and questions the status of the artist-teacher, and the subtle boundaries between the space of the studio and

  A TIME TO BE BORN— Taylor Mac in conversation with Barlo Perry   n the night of the Los Angeles debut of performance artist-singer-songwriter-actor-playwright Taylor Mac, a catwalk was set up on the lounge terrace of UCLA’s Royce Hall for a pre-show reception.  Under the