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As part of ICA LA’s Triple Catalogue Launch Party, join artist-curator Anna Sew Hoy to celebrate the publication of the SCRATCHING AT THE MOON exhibition catalogue, an inside look at this landmark show. The first group exhibition of Asian American

Posting up at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and the Santa Monica Airport, the Felix Art Fair and Frieze Los Angeles return this week with their peerless combination of art world heft and West Coast vibes. And already L.A. Art Week events

This weekend, join Durk Dehner, the Tom of Finland Foundation, and the foundation’s summer 2023 artist-in-residence Felix d’Eon for the TOM OF FINLAND ART & CULTURE FESTIVAL 2023. The event in downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District includes exhibitions, installations, panel

The literary work of Constance Debré is both complex and precise. Her early novels (“Playboy,” “Love Me Tender,” and “Nom”)—contemporary stories written in the first person in which characters defy gender and class norms in an outdated society—blur the lines

Dorian Wood: “The idea of impermanence can be frightening for many of us. We enter spaces that can offer familiarity and comfort, and in doing so we accept the relative briefness of what these spaces offer us. With CANTO DE

Time. Decay. Dust. Spice. Textile… These are some of the materials encompassed in the work of artist Hemali Bhuta, who maneuvers sculptural arrangements in response to site-specific spaces­­ with subtle grace—the four walls of a gallery or an open field

The French artist Martin Laborde, who co-runs the project space Ampersand in Lisbon, was invited by Acne Studio to conceive a capsule for its current Fall/Winter 2022 collection. Trained as a sculptor, Laborde welcomed the invitation with a series of

Remembering Monsieur Miyake — a 2011 conversation with the late designer.

In 사자굴 [Sajagul—Then, out of the Den—her recent exhibition at Make Room in Los Angeles—Joeun Kim Aatchim created a series of drawings and paintings from her childhood memories: the family apartment in Seoul above a piano store, where she and her

Bringing an activist, justice-and-democracy-centered commitment to her expertise in marketing, project management, and consultation, Brooklyn-based Manushka Magloire is the Head of Partnerships for the arts organization For Freedoms. In Los Angeles for the autumn 2021 Hear Her Here pop up activation