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Jack Pierson lost and found it at the movies. The forms and structures of the big screen have shaped his aesthetic from the beginning and mark the evolution of his work:

I loved the credits sequences in movies when I was a kid… I think that’s where I learned the initial impact of a word in an expanded space and how it could move you or engage you. Engage me… I tried to be a studio photographer sometimes, but I think the photography work that I got known for early on exacted this idea that they were snapshots from my life, and in fact they were. But they were edited in such a way that they allude to cinema, narrative, and so on.*

LESS AND MORE—photographs, drawings, paintings, sculpture, installation, collage work, now at Regen Projects—is a retrospective of dream sequences, a “sojourn through [Pierson’s] career” and his signature engagement with themes of beauty, desire, and loss.

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Through October 23.

Regen Projects

6750 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles.

*Jack Pierson, “From a Series of Conversations Between Jack Pierson and Rachael Thomas,” in Jack Pierson: Angel Youth (Dublin: Irish Museum of Modern Art; Milan: Charta, 2008), 430, 431.


Jack Pierson, Less and more, Regen Projects, Los Angeles, September 11, 2021–October 23, 2021, from top: Truro, 2020, digital print on archival paper; Untitled #1, 2021, C-prints, digital prints, posters, paper clips; Genius Madman Animal God, 2020, card stock, enamel, glitter, masonite, metal and wood; Color fabrics, 2021, folded pigment print; Mick and Bianca at Their Wedding in St. Tropez, 1971, 1994, gouache on paper; Diamond Life, 1990, table, chair, record player, record albums, books, ashtray, coffee cup, miscellaneous, linoleum flooring, and painted wall; Beefcake, 1989, photographic collage with tape; Tangier in the 1960s, 2021, metal, wood, plastic; Nein, das ist nicht der geschundene Christus, 2021, digital print on archival paper; Come Back, Ca., 1991, graphite on paper. Images © Jack Pierson, courtesy of the artist and Regen Projects.