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On the occasion of the publication of PARIS LA 17—CHANGE AGENTS (2021–2022): An intermittent, open-ended, alphabetical Reading List, expanding on the artists, works, and concepts raised in the print issue.


Miriam Cahn Writing in Rage. Translated by Richard Humphrey. Berlin: Hatje Cantz, 2019.

Claude Cahun Disavowals, or Cancelled Confessions [Aveux non avenues, 1930]. Translated by Susan de Muth. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2008.

— Claude Cahun: The Sensual Politics of Photography. By Gen Doy. London: I. B. Tauris, 2007.

Sophie Calle True Stories. Fifth edition. Arles, France: Actes Sud, 2016.

Julia Margaret Cameron — Julia Margaret Cameron. By Virginia Woolf, Cameron, and Roger Fry. Los Angeles: Getty Publications, 2018.

Helen Cammock Che si può fare (What Can Be Done). Edited by Laura Smith. London: Whitechapel Gallery, 2019.

Ellen Cantor “I’m Still Coming”: Coming to Power Exhibitions 2016 & 1993. New York: Capricious, 2017.

Cao Fei Cao Fei. Edited by Susanne Gaensheimer and Kathrin Bessen. Düsseldorf: Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen; Munich: Hirmer, 2018.

Squeak Carnwath — Horizon on Fire: Works on Paper 1979–2013. Edited by Bart Schneider. Berkeley, CA: Kelly’s Cove Press, 2014.

Leonora Carrington Down Below. New York: New York Review Books, [1944] 2017.

— The Hearing Trumpet. New York: New York Review Books, [1976] 2021.

Charlene A. Carruthers — Unapologetic: A Black, Queer, and Feminist Mandate for Radical Movements. Boston, Beacon Press, 2018.

Anne Carson — H of H Playbook. New York: New Directions, 2021.

Fiona Carson and Claire Pajaczkowska — Feminist Visual Culture. Edited by Carson and Pajaczkowska. New York: Routledge, 2001.

Ginny Casey and Jessi Reaves — Ginny Casey & Jessi Reaves. Philadelphia: Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, 2018.

Jordan Casteel — Within Reach. Edited by Massimiliano Gioni. New York: New Museum, 2020.

Sara Castrejón, Graciela Iturbide, and Tatiana Parcero — Revolution and Ritual: The Photographs of Sara Castrejón, Graciela Iturbide, and Tatiana Parcero. Edited by Mary Davis MacNaughton. Los Angeles: Getty Publications, 2017.

Elizabeth Catlett — The Art of Elizabeth Catlett. By Samella Lewis. Claremont, CA: Hancraft Studios, 1984.

— In the Image of the People. By Melanie Anne Herzog. Chicago: Art Institute of Chicago; New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2005.

— An American Artist in Mexico. By Melanie Anne Herzog. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2005.

Leda Catunda — Leda Catunda 1983­–2008. São Paulo: Estação Pinacoteca, 2009.

Carolina Caycedo — From the Bottom of the River. Chicago: Museum of Contemporary Art, 2020.

Germano Celant — “Laurie Anderson: Miracle in Milan.” “Dara Birnbaum.” “Louise Nevelson: The Second Birth.” “Kara Walker: Other Shadows.” In The American Tornado: Art in Power 1949–2008. Milan: Skira, 2008.

Vija Celmins — To Fix the Image in Memory. San Francisco: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2018.

Theresa Hak Kyung Cha — Dictée. Berkeley: University of California Press, [1982] 2009.

— Exilée/Temps morts: Selected Works. Edited by Constance M. Lewallen. Berkeley: University of California Press; Berkeley Art Museum, 2009.

Helen Chadwick — Helen Chadwick: The Oval Court. By Marina Warner. London: Afterall Books, 2022.

Whitney Chadwick — Women Artists and the Surrealist Movement. London: Thames & Hudson, 1985.

— Women, Art, and Society. Sixth edition. London: Thames & Hudson, 2020.

Patty Chang — The Wandering Lake. Edited by Karen Kelly and Barbara Schroeder. New York: Queens Museum; Dancing Foxes Press, 2017.

Barbara Chase-Riboud — Sculptor. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1999.

— Everytime a Knot is Undone, a God is Released: Collected and New Poems 1974–2011. New York: Seven Stories Press, 2014.

Shu Lea Cheang — “Shu Lea Cheang.” By Nika Chilewich. In Witch Hunt. Edited by Connie Butler and Anne Ellegood. Los Angeles: Hammer Museum, 2021.

Sheba Chhachhi — Arc Silt Dive: The Works of Sheba Chhachhi. Edited by Kumkum Sangari. Kolkata: Tulika Books, 2016.

Judy Chicago Entering the Picture: Judy Chicago, the Fresno Feminist Art Program, and the Collective Visions of Women Artists. Edited by Jill Fields. New York: Routledge, 2011.

 — The Dinner Party: Restoring Women to History. New York: Monacelli Press, 2014.

New Views. New York: Scala Arts; Washington, DC: National Museum of Women in the Arts, 2019.

Roots of The Dinner Party. Text by Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn. New York: Salon 94, 2019.

— Judy Chicago: To Sustain the Vision. By Géraldine Gourbe. Rennes: Shelter Books; Nice: Villa Arson, 2020.

— The Flowering: The Autobiography of Judy Chicago. New York: Thames & Hudson, 2021.

Virginia Chihota — A Thorn in My Flesh (munzwa munyama yangu). London: Tiwani Contemporary, 2014.

Gabrielle Civil — Swallow the Fish. Fairfax, VA: Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2017.

— Experiments in Joy. Fairfax, VA: Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2019.

Hélène Cixous — “The Laugh of the Medusa.” Translated by Keith Cohen and Paula Cohen. Signs 1, no. 4 (Summer 1976).

Hélène Cixous and Catherine Clément — The Newly Born Woman. Translated by Betsy Wing. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, [1975] 1986.

Lygia Clark — The Abandonment of Art. Edited by Connie Butler and Luis Pérez-Oramas.  New York: Museum of Modern Art, 2014.

Sue Coe — The Ghosts of Our Meat. Text by Stephen F. Eisenman. Carlisle, PA: Trout Gallery, Dickinson College, 2014.

Colita — Colita. Text by Laura Tarré. Barcelona: RM/Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera, 2014.

Céline Condorelli — Bau Bau. Rome: Mousse, 2017.

Céline Condorelli, Kapwani Kiwanga, Judy Radul, and Heimo Zobernig

— Demonstration Rooms: Artistic Confrontations with Space and Display at the Albertinum. Leipzig: Spector Books, 2020.

Huey Copeland — “Bye, Bye Black Girl: Lorna Simpson’s Figurative Retreat.” Art Journal 64, no. 2 (Summer 2005).

Joan Copjec — Imagine There’s No Woman: Ethics and Sublimation. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2003.

Mary Corse — Mary Corse. Los Angeles: Inventory Press; Kayne Griffin Corcoran, 2017.

Lucy Cotter — Reclaiming Artistic Research. Edited by Cotter. Berlin: Hatje Cantz, 2019.

Laura Cottingham — Seeing Through the Seventies: Essays on Feminism and Art. Amsterdam: G+B Arts International, 2000.

Liz Craft …my life in the sunshine, 2006–2017. Los Angeles: DoPe Press, 2018.

 — New York & Beyond, 2017–2019. Text by Paul-Aymar Mourgue d’Algue. Geneva: Centre d’édition contemporaine, 2021.

Douglas Crimp — “Pictures.” October 8 (Spring 1979). Reprinted in Art After Modernism: Rethinking Representation. Edited by Brian Wallis. New York: New Museum; Boston: David R. Godine, 1984.

On the Museum’s Ruins. Photographs by Louise Lawler. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1993.

Laboria Cuboniks — The Xenofeminist Manifesto: A Politics for Alienation. London: Verso, 2018.

Minerva Cuevas — “Minerva Cuevas.” By Nika Chilewich. In Witch Hunt. Edited by Connie Butler and Anne Ellegood. Los Angeles: Hammer Museum, 2021.

Blondell Cummings — Dance as Moving Pictures. Edited by Kristin Juarez, Rebecca Peabody, and Glenn Phillips. South Pasadena, CA: X Artists’ Books, 2022.

Rachel Cusk — “Where the Body is Buried” (Celia Paul and Cecily Brown). New York Times Magazine, November 10, 2019.

Sara Cwynar — Glass Life. Texts by Sheila Heti and Legacy Russell. New York: Aperture, 2021.



From top: Liz Craft, New York & Beyond, 2017–2019, (2021), cover image © Liz Craft, courtesy of the artist and Centre d’édition contemporaine; Liz Craft, …my life in the sunshine, 2006–2017, (2018), cover image © Liz Craft, courtesy of the artist and DoPe Press.

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