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On the occasion of the publication of PARIS LA 17—CHANGE AGENTS (2021–2022): An intermittent, open-ended, alphabetical Reading List, expanding on the artists, works, and concepts raised in the print issue.


Mierle Laderman Ukeles — Mierle Laderman Ukeles: Maintenance Art. New York: Queens Museum; Munich: DelMonico / Prestel, 2016.

Mary Ann Unger — To Shape a Moon from Bone. Edited by Horace D. Ballard. Williamstown, MA: Williams College Museum of Art, 2022.

Susan Unterberg — A Retrospective. Cincinnati: Contemporary Arts Center, 2004.

Kaari Upson — The House. Beijing: UCCA; London: Koenig Books, 2014.

— Good Thing You Are Not Alone. Edited by Margot Norton. Texts by Jim Shaw and Norton. Interview by Paul McCarthy. New York: New Museum, 2017.

Andra Ursuta — 2000 Words. Edited by Karen Marta and Massimiliano Gioni. Text by Ali Subotnick. Athens: Deste Foundation for Contemporary Art, 2018.

Sara VanDerBeek — Sara VanDerBeek. Edited by Gloria Sutton. Text by Ina Blom. Interview by Roxana Marcoci. Berlin: Hatje Cantz, 2016.

Sara VanDerBeek and Stan VanDerBeek — VanDerBeek + VanDerBeek. Edited by Sara VanDerBeek and Chelsea Spengemann. Texts by Jeff Arnal, Gloria Sutton, Andrianna Campbell-LaFleur, and Hyemin Kim. Asheville, NC: Black Mountain College Books, 2019.

Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven — Nothing More Natural. Edited by Susanne Neubauer. Cologne: Walther König, 2009.

Agnès Varda Agnès Varda. By Alison Smith. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1998.

 — Interviews. Edited by T. Jefferson Kline. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2013.

The Cinema of Agnès Varda: Resistance and Eclecticism. By Delphine Bénézet. London: Wallflower Press, 2014.

— Agnès Varda Between Film, Photography, and Art. By Rebecca J. DeRoo. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2018.

— “The Visionary French Director Agnès Varda Sends Love from rue Daguerre, via Her Affectionate Film Portraits.” By Holly Brubach. Portraits by Alasdair McLellan. The Gentlewoman 18 (Autumn-Winter 2018).

— “Future Varda,” a special issue. Camera Obscura 36, no. 1 (2021).

Adriana Varejão — Adriana Varejão. Edited by Louise Neri. Texts by Angela H. Brown, Dan Cameron, Luisa Duarte, and Neri. Interview by Jochen Volz. New York: Gagosian; Rizzoli Electa, 2022.

Remedios Varo — The Mexican Years. Text by Masayo Nonaka. Barcelona: RM, 2012.

 — Letters, Dreams, and Other Writings. Translated by Margaret Carson. Cambridge, MA: Wakefield Press, 2018.

Mariana Vassileva — Fragile Power: Works and Texts 2000–2020. Vienna: Verlag für modern Kunst, 2021.

Cecilia Vicuña — About to Happen. New Orleans: Contemporary Arts Center; Catskill, NY: Siglio, 2019.

Slow Down Fast / A Toda Raja. By Camila Marambio and Cecilia Vicuña. Berlin: Errant Bodies Press, 2019.

Seehearing the Enlightened Failure. Edited by Miguel A. López. Rotterdam: Witte de With, 2019.

Maria Helena Vieira da Silva — Vieira da Silva. By Jacques Lassaigne and Guy Weelen. Paris: Editions Cercle d’art, 1978.

Lina Iris Viktor — Some Are Born to Endless Night: Dark Matter. Edited by Renée Mussai. London: Autograph, 2020.

Theodora Vischer — 9 Women Artists and Their Models. Edited by Vischer. Berlin: Hatje Cantz, 2021.

Cosima von Bonin — Character Appropriation. Essay by Meredith Malone. St. Louis: Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, 2011.

Anna Maria von Phul — More Than Ordinary. By Hattie Felton. Columbia: Missouri Historical Society Press, 2021.

Amelie von Wulffen Bilder/Work 1998–2016. Edited by Isabel Podeschwa, Bernhart Schwenk, Joe Scotland, and von Wulffen. Texts by Manfred Hermes, Amy Sillman, and Schwenk. London: Koenig Books, 2016.

— Ausstellungen/Exhibitions 2018–2022. Texts by Helmut Draxler, Valérie Knoll, Tonio Kröner. Cologne: Walther König, 2022.

Madelon Vriesendorp — The World of Madelon Vriesendorp. Edited by Shumon Basar and Stephan Trüby. London: AA Publications, 2008.



From top: Agnès Varda, Lions Love (… and Lies) (1969), still, James Rado (left), Viva, and Gerome Ragni, image © Ciné Tamaris and Criterion; Susan Unterberg, Self-portrait, 1983–84, image © Susan Unterberg, courtesy of the artist.