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Pedro has constructed something that is almost a thriller sometimes. It’s almost film noir. It’s almost like—it’s such an incredible adrenaline ride. He could not have gotten that if all of us would have been in a state of—I cannot say despair because they are desperate, but the way they express it, they cannot—there cannot be a release in the form of tears, until that block in the movie where she decides to make a confession…Penélope Cruz*

Join Cruz for Q & A’s following three weekday matinee screenings of Pedro Almodóvar’s PARALLEL MOTHERS.

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Directed by Pedro Almodóvar

Penélope Cruz Q & A

Tuesday, December 28, at 2:30pm

Wednesday, December 29, at 2:30pm

Friday, January 7, at 3:10pm

Landmark Theatre

10850 West Pico, Los Angeles


*Terry Gross interview with Penélope Cruz, December 22, 2021, NPR. Courtesy and © Terry Gross and NPR.



Pedro Almodóvar, Madres paralelas / Parallel Mothers (2021), from top: Milena Smit (left) and Penélope Cruz; Cruz; Rossy de Palma (left) and Cruz; Cruz and Smit, photograph by Iglesias Más; Spanish poster; Cruz and Israel Elejalde; Cruz; Cruz and Smit; Almodóvar and Cruz on Parallel Mothers set, photograph by Más. Images courtesy and © El Deseo and Sony Pictures Classics.