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Browsing through the works of Cédric Rivrain is to experience a sensual dialog between the artist and his subject, between the images themselves and the experience of an indescribable grace, of an intimacy that always surfaces… The gaze emerges from the paintings, from the drawings, invariably, vaporous and yet so penetrating. Hazy, persistent. — Rodrigue Fondeviolle*

An exhibition of new paintings by Rivrain, including richly imaginative portraits of lovers, friends, and colleagues—Fondeviolle, Juliana Huxtable, Emily Sundblad, Lili Reynaud-Dewar, Jade Guanaro Kuriki-Olivo (Puppies Puppies), and Oscar Tuazon—is in its final week in Paris.

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Through January 22

Fitzpatrick Gallery

123 rue de Turenne, 3rd, Paris


*Rodrigue Fondeviolle, “Cédric Drawing Lotta,” PARIS LA 16 (2018–2019), 85.



Cédric Rivrain, Belle Main, Fitzpatrick Gallery, Paris, November 25, 2021–January 22, 2022, from top: Bar, 2021, oil on canvas; Emily au Ritz, 2019–2021, oil on canvas; Lili rue Molière, 2019–2021, oil on canvas; Juliana, 2019–2021, oil on canvas; Oscar au bain, 2020–2021, oil on canvas; Canapé, 2021, oil on canvas; Jade (Puppies Puppies), 2021, oil on canvas; Ficus et Masque, 2021, oil on canvas; Ballon, 2019–2021, oil on canvas; Rodrigue à Biarritz, 2019–2021, oil on canvas; Bouche ouverte (Autoportrait), 2021, oil on canvas; Cygne, 2019–2021, oil on canvas. Artwork photographs by Romain Darnaud. Images © Cédric Rivrain, courtesy of the artist and Fitzpatrick Gallery.