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I grew up in a Protestant Christian denomination that had an emphasis on the end of the world. As a child, I spent a lot of time thinking about the apocalypse and imagining what would come after it. A new world. The conversations surrounding life on this present earth made it seem like this existence—this reality—was just a layover. When I was six years old, I thought that by the time I was twelve the earth would be destroyed, and I—if I was righteous enough—would go on to live in a beautiful fantasy world that was beyond my imagination. I think the creation of an alter ego and her surrounding characters living in a slightly unformed, hazy place is part of the residue from that experience. — Naudline Pierre*


Evoking fantastic worlds of dreaming and becoming, Pierre’s paintings, drawings, and sculpture are on view for one more week at James Cohan.

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Through June 18

James Cohan

48 and 52 Walker Street, New York City


*“Agency and Transcendence: Naudline Pierre Interviewed by Amelia Rina,” Bomb, October 21, 2019, online.



Naudline Pierre, Enter the Realm, James Cohan, New York, May 14–June 18, 2022, from top: I, A Terror Loosed Upon Your Heels, 2022, oil on canvas; Stronger Than You Think, Softer Than You Know, 2022, oil on linen; Prophecy of Desire, 2022, oil and oil pastel on panel; Through the Valley, 2021-2022, oil on canvas; Close to You, 2021-2022, oil and enamel on linen; I Dreamed of Love, 2021–2022, oil on linen. Images © Naudline Pierre, courtesy of the artist and James Cohan.