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The creative process is a space of immanency. Whether you are building a house, or a sculpture, or a loaf of bread, the process is more vital than any single result could possibly be because, in the unfinished, there is infinite potential. And this really is the quality of our lived experience, where the only constant is change. It seems to me that it is only in the past couple hundred years, within a few very specific cultural contexts, that the idea of an artwork as a fixed, unchanging object has taken hold.There is an aspect of the necrophilic within the museum. And in line with more performative, ephemeral, transitory lived experience, I am interested in creating structures that are in themselves unfinished and that might invite people to complete them in their minds, or through their own participation.Oscar Tuazon*


Join Tuazon at Acid-Three—this year’s Acid-Free Los Angeles Artbook Market—for an opening-day book signing.

An exhibition catalog of Tuazon’s three 2023 institutional exhibitions in Europe as well as an outline of his practice over the past decade, BUILDING includes an essay by Jessica Horton, poetry by Cedar Sigo, an artist conversation—with curators Benedikt Fahrnschon, Lynn Kost, Christina Végh, and Axel Wieder—and Tuazon’s tribute to fellow artist Lawrence “Ulaaq” Ahvakana.

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Friday, June 16, from 7 pm

DoPe Press table at Acid-Three

Acid-Free Los Angeles Art Book Market

Blum & Poe

2727 South La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles


*“Learning Building Thinking: Oscar Tuazon in Conversation with Benedikt Fahrnschon, Lynn Kost, Christina Végh, and Axel Wieder,” in Building, edited by Oscar Tuazon and Lynn Kost (Los Angeles: DoPe Press, 2023), 160. Text © Oscar Tuazon.



Oscar Tuazon, Building (Los Angeles: DoPe Press, 2023), from top: Installation view of Water School, Bergen Kunsthall, January 27–April 9, 2023, photograph by Thor Brødreskift; installation view of Building, Kunst Museum Winterthur, February 4–April 30, 2023, photograph by Gunnar Meier; Oscar Tuazon, Shoshone Cedar (left), 2022, enamel on glass, aluminum, silicone, courtesy the artist and STANDARD (OSLO), Oslo, Chairman Rupert Steele (right), 2022, enamel on glass, aluminum, silicone; Lawrence “Ulaaq” Ahvakana, Anatqut Traveling with Water Helping Spirit Seal, 2021, yellow cedar, acrylic paint; Oscar Tuazon, Conceptual plan Hoh River House, 2014, ink, pencil, white out on paper; Building, front cover, design by Dorothée Perret; Oscar Tuazon, Growth Rings, 2019–2021, pine wood, site-specific installation during the 34th Bienal de São Paulo, courtesy the artist and Luhring Augustine, NewYork; Andreas Zissler, architectural renderings of Building at Kunsthalle Bielefeld, 2023.

Building images courtesy and © the artists, photographers, Bergen Kunsthall, Kunst Museum Winterthur, Kunsthalle Bielefeld, and DoPe Press, 2023.