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I paint wet into wet. If a painting starts to get too complicated, I will scrape the whole thing or large parts away and start over. I want the forms and lines to be immediate and direct, a studied spontaneity, like comedy. When you see a good comedian onstage, they look natural, like they are just making up those jokes as they go along. — Heather Guertin

A selection of new, textured works in oil on canvas by the artist, writer, and performer—“compositions [that] depict energetic shifts in tension, space, frequency and rhythm”—are now on view in upstate New York.*

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Through September 11.

JDJ—the Ice House

17 Mandalay Drive, Garrison.



Heather Guertin, JDJ—The Ice House, Garrison, New York, July 3, 2021–September 11, 2021, from top: Not yet titled, 2021, oil on canvas; Wash, 2020, oil on canvas; Windows, 2021, oil on canvas; Three Women, 2021, oil on canvas; Sonia, 2021, oil on canvas; Not yet titled, 2021, oil on canvas. Images © Heather Guertin, courtesy of the artist and JDJ.